Libero 500

The developement of this piece of software and hardware devices first started out from specific experiences in district heating systems and to these is specifically dedicated, even though it is possible to integrate other typical traditional systems functions.
This system was developed with the goal of being open, free, unified on international standards either top and bottom levels in order to allow for integration with existing systems and devices.
Can be scaled to small building remote reading systems up to complex spread urban plants.
Compatible with all the international communication protocols like Meter-Bus, Ethernet ecc.
Can be in its turn integrated with every top existing supervision system such as InTouch, ABB Tenore, Siemens Winn CC , etc.
Through the AVD500 device LIBERO500 can read, manage and transfer field data related to the distribution system such as pressure differential ΔP in the most critical network points, alarm signals from leak detection equipment, etc. using the same bus.
It can also optimize district heating network use through return temperature control on single substations taking advantage of advanced functions such as flow rate, power, return temp limitations, as well as secondary circuit ΔT and ΔP possible management through plant pumps with an inverter.
Such data can be directly usable, integrated and exported to other applications in order to allow for a better network, heat loads, power plant pumps, return temperatures management. It's furthermore possible, through pumps management on secondary circuit, to control ΔT and ΔP values on that circuit, with obvious advantages in terms of improvement and management of return temperatures of both optimization and balancing of the secondary networks.