Our system

The design, construction and operation of district heating plants have shown over time some necessary optimizations. In particular the fundamental goal is to be
able to use plants more than expected, thereby increasing revenues for the same investment. It was verified that the improvement margin in adequately managed district heating systems is around 30% in terms of increased revenues and 15% in terms of cost reduction. In order to maximize the economic performance of existing or new plants Amarc DHS has developed a system consisting of a software (Libero 500) and pieces of hardware (AVD 500, REMOTE CONTROL BOX, MTM, BY-PASS NET, etc..), with the features, functionality and benefits described below:

Gamma e PrestazioniSOFTWARELIBERO500

  • Monitoring software specialized in managing and optimizing networks and district heating systems to reduce operating costs.
  • Software developed on standard and unified protocols, royalty free: in particular it is possible to integrate all the devices with Meter-bus output of any manufacturer/brand.
  • Modern and user friendly menu organization and interface.
  • More than 50 customizable preset operating schemes.
  • Field peripherals compatible communication outputs (Internet, VPN, LAN, GPRS, UMTS, fibra ottica,
  • modem 56 Kb, etc.).
  • Automatic and customizable heat meters and flow meters reading.
  • Ability to store all operational data of the substation (about 150 values each) on both the concentrator in the field and through Libero 500, with rates up to 5 minutes for a period of at least 2 years.
  • Intuitive graphics to analyze data of substations working trends and data comparison.
  • Automatic generation of user invoices based on actual consumption.
  • Complete management of alarms and possibility to forward SMS and e-mail to the operators.
  • Monitoring and remote management of traditional small size power stations.


  • AVD500 configurable controller specific for district heating systems designed for remote control and remot metering developed on standard and unified communication protocols.
  • Large control display, optional chronothermostat function, remotable up to 30m.
  • Three levels menu system, two of which are password protected.
  • Storage of last 10 events.
  • Limitation of return temperature of substation primary circuit as well as contemporary flow rate limitation function.
  • Idelible device memory for eternal configuration data storage and clock for at least 1000h without power.
  • Possibility to set four time slots per day with different temperatures.
  • Possibility for weekly programs, four holiday periods and four special days programs.
  • Easy and intuitive setup of climatic curve and compensation of send temperature with external one.

GestioneRemote metering and remote setting

  • Automatic remote reading of heat meters and management of consumption database with link to the billing form.
  • Remote control of all field peripherals and all operating parameters setting including limitation parameters for optimizing the district heating network.
  • Meter reading and billing of consumption with document print for each individual user.

Funzioni specialioptimization

  • ΔP and pressure data transfer in low performance network points to optimize the pumping system.
  • Network water leak detection.
  • Monitoring of network and substations parameters with data storage and creation of chronological trends in order to generate comparison charts among others (consumptions trends, temperatures trends, pressures trends, etc.).
  • Ability to open and close primary valve to narrow down absorption peaks during start-up and helpi work of pumps work during switching-off.
  • Management of network store-ups, or network itself for such purpose, including by-pass valves.
  • Integration with power plant supervision system or vice-versa..

Funzioni specialisafety

  • Substations and network alarms management and monitoring.
  • District heating network expansion system safety and management.
  • Accesses monitoring by personal log-ins and software performed changes log.